Measuring Guide

Check out our step-by-step window treatment measurement guides for the simplest measuring directions around. Be sure to use a metal measuring tape (not a cloth tape or ruler) and to measure all windows even if they look the same. Take measurements at the left, right, and center of each window as ceilings and floors are often uneven. If you run into any snags, contact a Stylist and we’ll get you on your way.

1. Getting Started
Measure each window separately even if they 1 appear to be the same size, recording to the nearest ¼”.

2. Choose your Mount Type
We recommend measuring for both mount types. Both are mounted with a 1¼” deep header.

3. Order your Size
Be sure the depth of your window will accomodate an inside mount (see measurement Z above).
Enter the Shade "Size(WidthxHeight)Width". If has no proper size for your window pls fill the "Special instructions for seller" form when ADD TO CART.
If you don’t plan to close the shade, your length can be shorter than (Y), if you wish it to fully close, be sure it is at least as long as (Y).
Need additional help Ordering the correct Size?
Send the measurements to We’ll help you determine the proper size and put it in your cart.